Monday, March 16, 2009

Simple Guide to Earn From Stock Market

Stock Market - Firstly, you have to know what a stock market is all about. The term “Stock Market” is very common these days for the majority of citizens. This is nothing but a private or public market for the trading of company stock (which is listed in a stock exchange) at an agreed price. Stock market generally deals with shares and debentures of a listed company (listed in stock exchange). When a company is in requirement of capital for the ongoing business, it releases shares and debentures in the market. The prices of shares of a company depend upon its goodwill in the market and its strength.

To earn from stock market is a good idea but it is risky. Moreover, it is termed as a "gamble game ". Secondly, a proper knowledge about stock market is very much essential if you intend to earn from it. Please note that money is volatile if you do not have the capacity to hold it.

You can start with a small amount of capital. Say, $1000 initially. Firstly, either you can invest and start to buy stocks by being a registered broker of the stock market or you can invest under a trustworthy broker whom you know well. You will get to know about the stock market slowly. Investment can be increased depending upon the profit ratio earned from time to time.

Knowledge of companies which release shares in the market should be shortlisted and should be kept under notice. New ventures from reputed companies can be kept as record. While investing into the stock market you should target your area of investing. There are huge sectors namely , insurance , banking , real estate , automobile , shipping , travel , steel , FMCG, telecom , service , infrastructure and many others.

You can track your area of investment after you synthesize your capacity. After you finally select the proper area of investment you can move on. You will find very high valued shares, average valued and low valued shares. In, order to buy long term high valued shares you can buy a small amount of them as they are high in rate. To do daily trading you can go with average and low valued shares.

Nowadays, if you do not wish to go to the stock market then you can do share trading through internet. For that you have to register with some stock broking company. For, this you have to open a share trading account with some nominal amount. After your registration is complete, you can access your account through internet. You will be able to view more or less almost all the shares and their nature present in the stock market.

Things to remember:-

Prior to any kind of investment, one should have a well planned strategy to decide whether to go for a long term investment or a short term. For a long term strategy, an individual should emphasize on mutual fund rather than shares and debentures. Whereas for short term investments shares are best but the risk factor here is better than the best.

No one should invest money in the stock market if they cannot afford to lose because this is not sure that an individual will always earn profit. This is because stock investments are not guaranteed and it is as easy to lose money as easy to gain.

To invest in stock market, you have to have strong nerve and strength to accept losses. Since this trading is not guaranteed to give you profit all the time. We all are unsure about the stock market future. So, this is advisable to have a strong prediction sense and study the market and keep watch on it regularly through stock market news in print and television media.

Invest from your owned fund and not from borrowed money. You should not put any money to stock exchange where the money is taken as a loan.

You must compare your broker’s tips with the market experts

Must keep track on the political influences within the country and state.

You should have knowledge of foreign investment and foreign industry sectors.

Keep track on inflation rate of the country.

These are some of the tested guideline, if you are really intend to earn from the stock market. Please remember, apart from these given guidelines you have to use your mind to play this game well and make money out of it.